There’s No Place Like Home

Another note from Lindi,

Just a quick update to let everyone know that my dad is on his way back home from MD Anderson in Houston. Although flying in an air ambulance probably is not the top of anyone’s bucket list, it is certainly a unique experience and one that we are grateful to be able to take advantage of. We are also grateful that the wonderful team at MD Anderson has managed to get my dad’s pain under control. They really did their best to put him in a good position to come home. My dad will continue to take the Sorafenib (it’s an oral pill), and we continue to hope and pray that his liver numbers improve.

The word “grateful” appears a lot in this short post. Someone told me recently that it is hard to feel upset when you are focusing on what you are grateful for, and I’ve found it to be true. We are grateful that Allie and Jordan are headed home today and that we’ll be able to spend time together as a family. We are grateful that we have been and will continue to be able to provide my dad with the best care available. We are grateful for the love and support of our friends, community family. We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

Love, Lindi. #CancerSucks #ShaneStrong #CureCC

Closing from Mike:

I echo Lindi’s thoughts of gratitude that she shared. The outpouring of support from friends, family and loved ones has been nothing short of overwhelming. I try and respond to emails, text messages,and voicemails. I do my best, but don’t generally reach all of you.

In the meantime, miracles occur, and the possibility of miracles give me the will to go on. Please continue to pray for a miracle for me.

Be Well,

Love, Mike.

#CancerSucks, #ShaneStrong, #CureCC

Author: Mike Shane

Family Man, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Investor, Golf Enthusiast, Cancer Fighter

9 thoughts on “There’s No Place Like Home”

  1. All of your Shane posts have been truly inspiring, and we are grateful that you have shared your words and thoughts.
    …..sending continuing prayers.
    Paula and Malcolm. (Julie H’s parents)

  2. Mike and all, prayers for a good weekend after your travels. Hopefully, your pain is under control and you have everyone close by to just soak up the love you guys have for each other. I pray for a Mike Shane miracle. Judy Hennessey

  3. Prayers and positive thoughts continue…your positivity is inspirational, and I AM GRATEFUL to know you…👍❣️

  4. I’m so glad you’re home! I’ll be grateful for your pain remaining controlled and for your pleasure in every moment you have in the presence of the ones you love. Mike Jonathan and I are sending prayers for your lab numbers to improve and that miracle for you! As always, sending strength and love to you and yours❤️

    Love, Patty


  5. Mi’Sheberach and Miracles, that’s my mantra, and my wish that both are headed your way.
    Love, Renee

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