Mike Shane co-founded Cables To Go (now C2G) in 1983 in the backroom of a computer store he started shortly after graduating from Indiana University in 1982.  Through acquisitive growth, Cables To Go grew and became a division of Lastar, Inc., where Mike served as Chief Executive Officer through 2010 and then as the Chairman of the Board until the company was purchased by Legrand in 2014.  During his tenure, Mike was able to  experience the various challenges that accompany transforming from a boot-strappring start-up, to a global business enterprise with approximately $ 150 million in revenues and 1,000 associates.  Mike’s list of achievements included developing an extraordinary executive team, creating and successfully executing a strong succession plan, having a track record of posting profitable operations in 29 of the 30 operating years, and ultimately successfully selling the business to a global conglomerate in 2014 – all while maintaining the same operating partners that he started the business with and while never raising investment capital.

Currently, Mike is pursuing private investment opportunities as an angel investor, participates in a variety of philanthropic and community activities, while enjoying golf, travel, cycling and fighting cancer,

* Accelerant Fund – Investment Advisory Board
* Ascend Innovations – Board of Trustees
* Dayton Children’s Hospital – Past Chair, Board of Trustees
* Feast of Giving Steering Committee – Executive Director
* The Jewish Federation of Greater Dayton Board – Past
* The Federal Reserve Bank’s Dayton Business Advisory Council – Past
* Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of The Year, 1993 Regional Winner, 2012 Regional Finalist

One thought on “About”

  1. Mike..Doug Deck here..

    Bruce shared your latest blog with me..great thoughts about playing with best/long term friends..

    Just had the same conversation with an IU Fraternity brother(50+ year friends) when we played yesterday at my golf club here in Indy..he’s from South Bend(my home town) and was down for a couple of days..we agreed that we really only play with people we like anymore and with old friends is the ‘best’..still had a little competition/grinding going and $10-$15 being exchanged but the 4 hours together(just a twosome at a 10:00am tee time and we had the course to ourselves) laughing about our years at IU(not for written pulblication, of course) were special and soothing to the body and mind..made a date for a fall game at his course(South Bend CC) during a ND football game weekend..another chance to laugh and goof off..

    Best wishes..Doug

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